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Desktop & Laptop: MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, Microsoft Surface Pro/Book/Laptop, Razer, Asus, Acer, etc.
Smartphone & Tablet: Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, XiaoMi, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus, Blackberry, Nokia, etc
If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning.
Battery draining fast, not charging, bloated battery.
Not charging, connector or adapter issue, power jack replacement
Keys not working, Keys Came out, sticky spacebar issue.
Touch bar not responsive, no screen.
Overheat, cooling fan not working/dusty.
Water and dust damage is a common problem for most of the devices
Ram, hard disk, SSD replacement/upgrade, OS installation/upgrade
If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning.
Not charging, connector issue, broken pin, liquid or dust damage
No sound heard from other party or distorted sound.
Home, volume and Power button not working or been stuck.
No Sound, chirping sound, distorted
Image distorted, blur, no image, coloration.
Forgot password, keyed wrong password too many times, PIN unlock.
Battery draining fast, not charging, bloated battery.
If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning.
Not charging, connector issue, broken pin, liquid damage
No sound heard from other party or distorted
Home, volume and Power button not working or stucked
No Sound, chirping sound, distorted
Image distorted, blur, no image, coloration.
Home, volume and Power button not working
Battery draining fast, not charging, bloated battery.

Why Choose Come To Repair

There are many valid reasons why you should choose Come To Repair to take care of your valuable device

Apple Certified Professional
We are Apple Certified iOS/Mac Repair Professional with over 100,000+ device diagnosed experiences.
Face-to-Face Repair
Open transparent concept, where all repair is face-to-face, your data privacy is our top priority.
On the Spot Repair
Most of the services can be repair within hours which first come first serve!
Credible Services
Most of the customers come back to us to repair their next broken device.
Genuine Parts
We only carry genuine replacement parts for your device. If not, we will use next premium grade parts available.
FREE Diagnosis
We will diagnose your issues, provide you with options and give you a price for FREE!

Our Testimonials

A section on our Google page where our customers have shared their feedback about our services.

Hocky TandionoHocky Tandiono
07:16 18 May 24
Hong Shin QuekHong Shin Quek
10:59 13 May 24
No-fuss, speedy service and accurate diagnosis. I got my MacBook's batteries replaced in a jiffy. Highly-recommended!
kaungkhant sintkaungkhant sint
11:07 02 May 24
Happy TangHappy Tang
05:02 12 Apr 24
I came here to fix my iPhone screen and am very happy with the technician service. The technician ice is very honest and capable in the diagnosis and repair. I m very happy with the service.
Charles LimCharles Lim
10:16 05 Apr 24
Mac keep restarting and the WhatsApp personnel help me to troubleshoot even though it was near midnight. In the end because I’ve AppleCare, I sent it to the Apple service near jewel cause it’s nearer to me. However the service is great even though it’s not paid, and they also shared the charges- which was the same diagnosis the Apple tech diagnosed.All was very reasonable and clear. And I’m very thankful they went the extra mile even though they didn’t have to.
Dzul SungitDzul Sungit
21:13 12 Mar 24
I went to the Apple Store first and was told there’s nothing they could do to revive my dead MacBook Pro. I went to this place to get my data copied initially. One look inside and the guy said it’s a common issue and he could try to fix it. The next day, my MacBook Pro worked again. Fast, trustworthy and reasonably priced.
celia wongcelia wong
11:07 29 Feb 24
MacBook Pro had a black screen, no amount of restarting and online advice helped. Chose this place because of the high rating maintained. They live up to it! He shared what the problem was and advised how I should take care. He gave options with cost in mind and not about repair and earn. Honest and open too sharing how or what he would do. I changed LCD, I didn’t compare price but I am surely satisfied leaving the shop with beloved MacBook. Intact.
Mark ThienMark Thien
16:17 06 Jan 24
I brought my MacBook Pro to fix and they helped me to diagnose without charging me anything and also provided me a good advice. Thanks a lot bro! If you want to fix your laptop, I Super highly recommended this business. You won't go wrong!
Cris LapascuaCris Lapascua
10:08 17 Dec 23
Ernest AngErnest Ang
06:29 01 Dec 23
Fast service, no hassle and no scams. Price is what is stated.
13:04 18 Nov 23
Brought my BF's MacBook for repair today.The guy who helped us is friendly and knowledgeable.I thought it might take a couple of days to get it fixed, but he managed to get it done within a day which I was amazed.Definitely recommend this shop, and trustworthy.
Yee HuangYee Huang
12:00 18 May 23
I went to two other shops before this one and the other shops were not able to fix my phone. Actually, most important for me was to retrieve my photos.In this case, Come To Repair explained my options to me and we agreed it wasn’t worth it to fix the phone completely. Instead, we agreed to see if it’s possible to fix the phone in so far that I could backup my photos. Ultimately, they achieved this even if it took longer than expected. But throughout the process they were patient and kept me informed. They were also very responsive whenever I checked in. I would recommend them for your repair needs.
12:40 30 Nov 22
My MacBook Pro 2017 screen was glitching and he changed the screen for me within a few hours and I was able to collect it on the same day. He also took the effort to explain to me my options and helped me to run tests after changing the screen to ensure that the issue wouldn’t pop up again.I was also considering changing my battery but he explained that the battery health is still good and working normally so there wasn’t actually a need to spend money to change it.Really appreciate the service, highly recommend!
Stel 3001Stel 3001
05:26 06 Nov 22
Excellent Service and has given some advice on how to maintain the laptop. Thumbs-up service. Went there on a Sunday. Got my MacBook battery replaced within an hour. Highly recommended.
Mohamed BouamatouMohamed Bouamatou
11:40 29 Oct 22
Came today to change my iphone 11 pro screen.They were very straightforward, did it for a very honest price too (168€) and changed my screen in less than 20 minutes. If you want to repair your phone in Sg, this is where you should go.
07:23 23 Oct 22
Very good honest service spot. They are very professional and will ensure that you are paying their service at fair value. One of the more transparent service shop I have been too. Highly recommended!
Got my iPhone 6s fixed in 15 minutes with reasonable service charge. This iPhone repair shop is the best one in town! Top service quality and pleasant personality, both of the two young men! I have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone who has such needs.
13:30 22 Aug 22
As my iPhone 12 hangs at the apple logo, I came here to get my iPhone 7 dying battery replaced. I wasn’t hopeful if my iPhone 12 can be fixed as I tried hard reset and home recovery update via iTunes, apple service centre also advise to reset to factory / send overseas for data recovery. I was prepared to visit local data recovery centre.. thanks to Ice’s magic fingers, my iPhone 12 was revived and working fine again after the software update. Thank you Ice!
Jean ChuaJean Chua
05:02 19 Aug 22
Really efficient with fixing my macbook pro’s logic board. was able to collect in 2 days time & important data was still there! Thank you!
Alexandre KebabtchieffAlexandre Kebabtchieff
06:17 02 Aug 22
Very good service. The person who fixed my Mac Book Pro was very friendly, skilled and fast. Definitively the place to go to fix your laptop
Nathaniel TungkaNathaniel Tungka
09:43 30 Jun 22
I came here to get my iPhone XS Max screen changed. The staff provided fast services of 15-20mins at an acceptable price of $150 for the LCD+Glass. They were upfront on the pricing and showed the fixing process in detail.
Jasmine YeoJasmine Yeo
08:13 21 Jun 22
I dropped my phone into the water and was told by another phone shop that it’s a motherboard issue and need 3 weeks and a very expensive rate with no guarantee that my phone would be fixed. so I decided to check this shop out. The person who assisted me was very knowledgeable, helpful and honest. I feel more assured and confident that he will try his best to fix my phone. It was indeed a refreshing change from the other 2 shops I visited. Hence, regardless of the outcome of my phone. I will highly recommend them.
julian tanjulian tan
10:23 27 May 22
The experience I had with these guys really made my day. Went in for a MacBook battery issue and was attended to by Ice, the lead technician. He was fully transparent and honest in the diagnosis and giving advice, which to me was extremely important. Do expect a little bit of a wait as he does take time to ensure that things are done well and that the quality of his work is not compromised - but it is well worth it.I really recommend Come To Repair as your one-stop for all your device care!!
00:55 14 May 22
went down to the store was given a friendly greeting. The 1 of the 2 male staff soon diagnosed my PC. they Gave me intelligent responsesthey also thought of and placed the customer first. giving me some reason of the cause of the damage told me repairing was more expensive, better to buy a new or second hand laptop, as it exceeded the price of fixing the 5-6 years old PChighly favoured store will go back if i have a PC problemWilliam
Jayne CheongJayne Cheong
03:40 03 May 22
Came in to get the battery of my laptop replaced. Ice also helped me to find out why my laptop was taking along time to start up and we found out that it was running too hot. He advised me with how to control the fan speed to help cool the device down. I like that they know what they are doing and honest with how I can fix the problem without having to get more parts replaced.
Jon AshworthJon Ashworth
09:51 27 Apr 22
Really good place, friendly and helpful. Honest advice and clear charges without trying to rip you off. Well worth using their services.
Samantha HanSamantha Han
10:42 24 Apr 22
I'm over the moon with their professional attitude and accomodating service. Highly recommended to anyone having problem with their Macs. They do not hard sell or upsell you at all. On the contrary, they teach you how to maintain your gadget for a longer life span. Prices are also very reasonable. Will definitely come again for servicing in a couple month's time.
06:57 17 Apr 22
I have gotten an issue with my Mac having black lines and non-functioning parts of the screen after I put it under some heavy work. I reached our for help to C2 Repair and it was totally worth it. I dropped my MBP at the lunch time and evening 6pm I already picked it up all working fine! My screen was replaced smoothly and the guy has even went further and did cleaning for my Mac for free! Moreover, he took his time to explain me what happened and advised apps which I can use to monitor the laptop temperature to avoid future issues with my machine and save my costs! Totally recommend!
Willie C.Willie C.
10:37 09 Apr 22
Overall fantastic experience! Dropped by to have my iPhone X and Macbook Pro 2017 battery replaced (I waited a week before leaving a review.). The prices were affordable and the turnaround time was relatively short.I honestly feel the five stars that everyone has left so far are legitimate and not inflated. The business is a very humble and professional one. There was only one dude in the office and he's really friendly and ready to answer any questions or concerns you have prior to your servicing.No hardselling, which I can't appreciate enough. I am very happy with my visit and service experience. I trust this establishment very much and should I ever require any servicing on my apple devices, I will return again.
Hetal & Cindy PandyaHetal & Cindy Pandya
13:58 07 Apr 22
I cracked the rear glass on my iPhone and casing around the camera. Thought I would see what options were available in the orchard area and found this business via google maps. Really happy with their professional service and was happy to collect my repaired phone the next day in full working order. Excellent customer service and services seem fairly priced, I know where to go should I have any other issues with any of my devices in the future
Clement KohClement Koh
15:51 01 Mar 22
Just had my MB Pro repaired - encountered some issues with several character keys on the keyboard last night and decided to send it in this afternoon to get the problem resolved. Very reasonable price quoted - hence decided to replace with new keyboard. Repairs completed within the day - no hard-sell, polite and competent service....most satisfied indeed. Will even recommend to my company to get our stock of Mac laptops ( whose warranties have expired ) to consider their services.
Indunil SeneviratneIndunil Seneviratne
06:50 06 Feb 22
Yesterday, I came to Come to Repair Shop to repair my macbook pro 2018, Because it's logic board damaged. It's not turn on or even charging. I need to repair it because very important data was there. After coming to the shop, they started the mission. I went out my home and after few hours on same day they ask my macbook password, i was wonder how Super fast service. I'm really happy about the news. Then i came today to collect it. Thank you so much guys. You did a fabulous job. I fully recommend this shop to repair you laptop, apple devices.
Philip LohPhilip Loh
03:48 13 Jan 22
This looks like a new phone repair shop. I went to get batt replacement for my much loved Pixel 3XL. Was pleasantly surprised by the level of service provided. I asked how long will it take, and the they immediately start the repair with no questions asked. They also did a very clean job in replacing my batt, with no dirty residue left behind like other repairs shops. Great job guys!
Natalia RajewskaNatalia Rajewska
15:05 08 Jan 22
Very pleasantly surprised Ice fixed my 8yo (!) MacBook that couldn't switch back on for a long time. I had given up, but he not only fixed the laptop, he managed to get all my data I never thought I'd get back and upgraded the system. All done within days, for an incredibly reasonable price. He was also available on WA for questions. Very highly recommended. Thank you Ice!
Stay PeaceStay Peace
10:35 02 Jan 22
The owners are super friendly. I changed my mind on repairing the laptop after invoicing, and the owner just allowed me do that without extra charge. Wish them prosperous business! Definitely will come back again if need any technical help!
Riz LeeRiz Lee
10:52 21 Dec 21
Friendly customer service. Changed the battery phone of my child's iphone 8. I was hesitant to go in but person in the shop acknowledged my presence with his eyes and when I asked him a question, he responded warmly. Price quoted was also reasonable and he even offered to charge the new battery for a little while as of course the new battery is not charged yet. Appreciate the thoughtfulness.
Sridhar NarayanaswamySridhar Narayanaswamy
22:26 20 Dec 21
Very professional team with good attitude and the smarts to fix the issue asap. We took our Macbook in that was refusing to power up. After running the diagnostics, the repair team dismantled and uploaded a fresh battery in a jiffy. We are pleased to recommend them as the go-to guys for Mac and Apple product issues.
ZueC. GohZueC. Goh
14:52 08 Dec 21
Awesome service by the people here. They provide accurate information, and managed to fix my mom's iPhone screen in less than 30 minutes! Reasonably priced as well
ong jun kiatong jun kiat
03:34 07 Dec 21
Thanks so much Ice and Jack! Went over for aDell computer issue which thought was gone case, they explained to me and quickly fixed my laptop for a good value! Very informative and helpful thanks guys!
Dominic SalomoniDominic Salomoni
04:35 13 Nov 21
Ice 🧊 repaired my iPhone 📱 screen...super quick, super helpful, great customer service....he also fixed our I Mac 🖥 desk top and recovered all of our data and most importantly photos of our family over many years that were on the hard drive and not backed up. He is incredibly talented and we are forever grateful. TOP MAN ice...thanks my friend and all the best!
Pui JaydenPui Jayden
11:23 12 Nov 21
Excellent and Professional service! Replaced old battery and cracked screen on the spot for my iPhone 8 Plus at reasonable price. Did extra to clean up dirt as well to unblock speaker. Recommended.
Jun Wei LiawJun Wei Liaw
13:21 08 Nov 21
I brought my MacBook Pro to repair its back light, the service was quick and well done as my macbook pro is almost as good as new after the repair. Staff are friendly and willing to answer your queries, they are also helpful. Definitely will come back again if I have any issues with my laptops/phones in the future! definitely worth a shot if you’re trying to fix your laptop!On top of that, they don’t try to quite high prices and price is reasonable.
Ho Wei JianHo Wei Jian
11:18 29 Oct 21
My computer broke down and couldn't boot up probably due to software driver issue. Owner helped me to factory reset my laptop and was super helpful and friendly throughout the whole process patiently explaining to me. If your computer broke down, this is the best place to visit to get your computer fixed, owner is honest and upfront with cost, doesn't quote you ridiculous price
sunil samuelsunil samuel
01:31 15 Oct 21
Outstanding workmanship! I had a cracked iPhone screen and they replaced that with in 15 minutes with very reasonable rate! Greatly appreciated their help! Highly recommend this place for any phone repair needs!
15:09 12 Oct 21
iPhone 11 suddenly blacked out and could not turn on, brought to Apple store the next day and the technician diagnosed a logicboard failure which they claimed repairs could not be done. Found this store after a quick google search and walked down, was quoted a reasonable price with a 1-7d lead time and left my phone there. Same night was informed phone already ready for collection! Went back the next day to pick up. Very efficient, professional and friendly staff, will highly recommend
Ong LeonardOng Leonard
09:05 30 Sep 21
Read the good reviews online and decided to give them a try. Ice (the technician) gave the available repair options before proceeding to repair efficiently. My 10year old MacBook Pro was back and operating within less than 1hr.Definitely recommend!
Brad MuirBrad Muir
01:22 18 Sep 21
Took my MacBook Pro in for repair. Was quoted less than half the price of Apple store. Apple said the whole screen needed replacing which I was suspicious of. Come 2 repair correctly identified the problem and replaced the part. Super fast turnaround and good communication. Highly recommended and I will certainly use them again.
Marcus ChanMarcus Chan
11:13 10 Sep 21
Was highly recommended to this place to fix the crack iPad screen and also replace battery of one of my old iPhone. The guys at the shop are so diligent checking the issue and carefully managed the replacement. They did a fabulous job and the pricing is good. Definitely value for the high quality
Chiat WeiChiat Wei
14:08 06 Sep 21
They are friendly and efficient. Gives very sound advice how to protect the phone from future damage. From the shop outlet you can tell they are non- frills, to the point, professional, repair shop. Strongly recommended.
Vidur VermaVidur Verma
08:28 31 Aug 21
With Come to Repair, you get to sit down with the technician while he opens the device, checks, and explains what is wrong and how it can be repaired. The very polite, patient, and professional tech even took the time to explain over the phone all the options available to me, without trying to push a higher sale. His repair price was very comparable to other shops where you have to deal with a front desk person who may not be knowledgeable enough.This is the kind of repair shop that is a pleasure to do business with!
Nelly LamNelly Lam
08:38 29 Aug 21
Pleasant transaction. The team is very helpful and assist my problems with my laptop promptly. I am very pleased with their professional skills. Will definitely recommend anyone who need their laptop to be fixed. I will definitely deal with them again. Thank you.
Infinite PlaysInfinite Plays
02:07 15 Aug 21
Extremely skillful and friendly staffs. Totally blown away by the technician's skills and advise. Pricing justifiable, recommended!!
Nanda LiauNanda Liau
10:46 12 Aug 21
Cracked my iPhone XS screen and am so thankful to have chanced upon this place. Ice was very patient and answered all the queries I had. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to fix their device at a competitive price !
Hoe IxeHoe Ixe
14:10 09 Aug 21
Prompt reply to enquiries. Professional and detailed explanation. Price is reasonable and clear after comparing a few quotations, no hidden cost. Knowing that I need it quite urgently. Manage to get it fix within the same day sent in for repair. Broken hinge and cracked screen fixed! Totally recommend their service.
Antonius HowardAntonius Howard
08:20 13 Jul 21
Had one of the best experience, the technician was able to diagnose my problem immediately and revert within 24hrs. The technician was also able to provide me with some alternatives and recommendations, which I really appreciate - not just forcing the fix and the price like some other shops. Very responsive during chat as well.
tay sinetay sine
13:46 03 Jul 21
The repair was meticulously done with patience. The guy who did the repair is highly skilled in resolving the problem. Instead of paying above $500, it cost me only $80. It was done on the spot within 1 hr 30 mins instead of having to leave the laptop with the repair shop for days to weeks as required by other repair shops. Highly recommended.
Emil Jowell OrenciaEmil Jowell Orencia
03:23 01 Jul 21
Had a great FIVE STAR experience. Both technician did a great job troubleshooting the issues in my HP Laptop that is almost 5 yrs old. They were able to convert my hard drive from laptop to an external drive at low cost, now I can access my files again.
S HoS Ho
03:47 26 Jun 21
The hinge of my laptop screen came undone and after getting a few quotations, Come To Repair was the best one compared to the other repair shops. The technician was friendly and professional. I left my laptop at the shop's premises and got it back within a couple of hours. The repair work was well done and the issue was fixed. The price wasn't the lowest but it was reasonable given the fast turnaround to fix it. Recommended if you have laptop repair issues.
11:37 12 Jun 21
They were very patient and carefully found the issue. I am very satisfied with them. I will definitely come to them again if i have any trouble again. Ice helped me with the macbook and he did a great job 🙂
James AngJames Ang
02:44 06 Jun 21
The person who helped me was very knowledgeable! He was very helpful, helped to make sure that everything is alright!! Recommending his service to everyone that needs help with your phone!
LiJuan AngLiJuan Ang
13:42 30 May 21
Parts available thus no lead time. Willing to stay beyond office hours to finish up reformat and computer and keyboard change. Good place for immediate repair.
reena varghesereena varghese
23:42 25 May 21
Went to get my cracked screen for iPhone X replaced. The lad was thorough professional and had great knowledge and skill. Did all in 15 minutes. It was an absolutely satisfying experience. Highly recommended
01:16 18 May 21
Brought 2 x iPhone 6 Plus for troubleshooting last week. They were attentive to listen to the issues. Perform a preliminary investigation, revert on the possible problem areas and related cost, before proceeding.Was able to provide sound advice especially for one of my phone where the fixes could be multiple and costly.So far , tested the phones and it is working.Very happy customer. Highly recommended.
Nick wongNick wong
12:48 26 Apr 21
Im not someone to waste time leaving reviews, but they really deserve it. like it that their service is fast to respond to answer your anxiety, replace my LCD within 15 mins without have to wait long. Craft ship is excellent and attentive to details. Definitely worth your money for that, but unexpectedly affordable. Definitely highly recommended. Thank you for your service, pretty satisfied with the results
jessica awanoharajessica awanohara
07:11 23 Apr 21
Such a great experience I highly recommend Come to Repair for their speed, proficiency, and honesty. I cracked my iphone screen and brought it here for repair. The technician informed me that the people who had repaired my phone previously had taken out many parts!! I will use only this shop for phone related repairs from here on out.
andre chiaandre chia
07:14 20 Apr 21
Good service by Mr. Ice for Macbook repair. Fast repair service and great quality work. Staff took the time to explain the possible issues and options for repair. Collected and all works well!
JooChin LIMJooChin LIM
05:26 17 Apr 21
Sent my Asus laptop to replace the LED screen at a reasonable price. ICE attended to me. he is very friendly and helpful, would recommend their service to friends.
Mahamoodah -Mahamoodah -
07:26 10 Apr 21
They were very professional and manage to detect the cause of my battery health. It was done very swift and they even advise us on how to take better care of the phone. Recommended 🙂
Arthur C MartinArthur C Martin
08:51 30 Mar 21
I went for a Keyboard replacement for my Lenovo X1 Carbon. I was attended by ICE, he facilitate the ordering of the parts and informed me timely when the parts arrived for replacement. ICE is very meticulous on removing the faulty part and replacing the keyboard. Prior to returning the notebook back to me, he made sure that everything was working fine. Great Work ! Will definitely return for any repairs in the future !
Wai Tuck ThaiWai Tuck Thai
10:52 28 Mar 21
Great lads working here. Service and attention scores top for me. Charges are also very reasonable. Brought 2 windows laptops here to repair and got one back in the next day. Much better than the popular one on Carousell who doesn’t honor warrantee.
Li Wen TanLi Wen Tan
11:47 16 Feb 21
walked at least 3 levels to seek repair on my phone. All of the shop denied except this one shop. I got my phone done within 2 hours. highly recommended!
Maung SannMaung Sann
14:59 15 Feb 21
Yesterday, I have sent my 6S+ that has no WIFI for repair and I collected it back today. I have tested my phone which is working fine.Thank you very much
Bishan TigerBishan Tiger
02:03 02 Feb 21
I was referred to this shop and when I found it it did not disappoint. Though it is a small setup, the service is BIG. I have run a service centre setup myself and I know what is a professional service. Much better than some of the bigger shops. Don't look at the one sole negative review - that customer is unreasonable. Overall I'm very satisfied and will recommend them to anyone seeking professional service.
Ma. Crizabel VallenasMa. Crizabel Vallenas
15:20 27 Jan 21
I came across this shop online when I was browsing for a good repair shop for my laptop.Got their contacts and straightaway Ice was very responsive and accommodating to all of my quiries more so when I went there myself in person. They never hardsell and would discuss and recommend options in a very practical way. I’m so glad I sought after their service and went home very satisfied. Definitely on my good book and my go-to-list anytime of the day!
10:37 17 Jan 21
I was there to upgrade hardware for my laptop. The tech staff were humble, polite and knowledgeable. Reasonable price for the service provided.
Steven TanSteven Tan
15:39 03 Jan 21
A very patient & helpful Ice who went beyond his scope to help and explain to us our situation and offered various solutions. He gave professional and honest opinion and was able to effect repairs swiftly and we are very happy with it. I have no problem recommending anyone who needs laptop repairs.
Yew Ming LooYew Ming Loo
09:57 01 Jan 21
Place doesn’t look like much but these guys are friendly, honest and fast! They took the time to walk through my options with me and suggested ways to reduce the cost of repair and did not try to push/sell everything and anything under the sun 🙂 Satisfied customer ✅
randolph jungrandolph jung
10:56 28 Dec 20
Brought my iMac for upgrade of SSD. Excellent service by Ice all in all. Super responsive to my queries, professionally done and in quick time within the same day. Highly recommended and will return in future. Cheers!!
Ana SmithAna Smith
07:03 18 Dec 20
Passed by this shop in FEP and popped in to ask for help with some issues with my apple watch. Ice was very helpful and knowledgeable and solved the issue free of charge. Will definitely use them for future tech issues.
Saiful ASaiful A
13:25 08 Nov 20
Repair was fast. I had a power issue on my old imac and they resolve it and within 2hours the imac was ready
Maisarah SaadonMaisarah Saadon
06:54 02 Nov 20
Guys were very nice and helpful in repairing my macbook. Definitely recommended to those who would like to get their laptops fixed at a reasonable price. Thank you!
Ethan ChenEthan Chen
13:56 01 Nov 20
I tried DIY replacement of my 15" MBP speaker but messed it up and damaged a fan connector in the process.I am always apprehensive about hidden cost in gadget repairs (had many bad experience) despite being a very technical, engineering trained person. Got quotes from various repairers and the quoted price varried greatly, one even suggested a replacement of motherboard that cost $350 as a solution!He is the one who came back with very reasonable quote and very transparent too. Honest and skillful guy, explained everything clearly. Went as far as micro-soldering to help me save on the repair cost. A big TQ to you!!
Lerme AzelatrofLerme Azelatrof
10:22 31 Oct 20
Very Good Service , friendly staff . Explained what to do next or how to care my hand phone/battery after they replace new one. Affordable price .🙃
Darryl LeeDarryl Lee
12:04 01 Sep 20
Knowing how expensive Apple repairs can cost, I was eager to find a more cost effective solution. Thanks to Google, I was able to find one in Come To Repair. Not only was service exceptionally quick and responsive, the work was of high quality. Ice, the consultant who helped me, also gave good advice on preventive tips for my battery problem. He was also honest and forthcoming with his views on whether I should repair my Retina display: he said I shouldn’t repair it because it would cost more and I would be better off replacing the entire machine, especially since there was no guarantee that the issue would not recur. Overall, I’m exceptionally pleased with the service delivered. Highly recommended!

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